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Cultural Property Research

At ARCGEO Inc., we conduct buried cultural property research such as archaeological excavation survey, measurement and recordation task of archaeological features and remains, radioactive carbon measurement (AMS, β-ray) and data processing and digitalization of cultural properties information.

In June 1998, as the first archaeological firm in Toyama prefecture, ARCGEO Inc. started providing services to support archaeological survey of buried cultural properties at various archaeological sites. As the first archaeological survey, our company was awarded by Daimon-machi, Izumi-gun, Toyama prefecture to conduct archaeological excavation at Futakuchi-aburamen Site, which dates back to 7th to 8th century. Today, with the support of universities and research institutes, we set our goal and aim higher to conduct a further sophisticated research and analysis along with the archaeological surveys conducted by our professional staff. At our company, a cultural property protection department was established at the head office as a systematized excavation team with highly equipped establishment.

Research Objectives

Evaluated Aspects

Research Items

Research of Location Factors

Natural Environment

Geography, Topography, Water System, Atmospheric Weather, Flora, Fauna and Landscape

Human Society

Regional Structure (Land Use, Related Laws and Regulations, Social Activities)

Regional Function (Artificial, Industrial, Traffic, Social

Project, Trends of Demand)


Historical Environment

Archaeology (Survey of Current Condition, Excavation, Distribution, Analogy)

History (Bibliography, Historical Materials, Drawings,

Pictures, Land Register Map)

Preservation Plan


Deterioration Status (Structural Deterioration, Disintegration/Behavior Research, Grade of Erosion)

Survey of Cause of Deterioration (Structure, Science,

Biology, Water System, Weather, Material Breakdown)


Maintenance (Test Survey, Efficiency Test)

Restoration (Repair of Existing Remains, Demolition)

Restoration Research (Survey of Material, Construction, Usage)

About ARCGEO ] Our Activities ] Geological Survey ] [ Cultural Property Research ] Cultural Resource Protection Measures ]


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