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Geological Survey

ARCGEO Inc. provides a broad range of services including Geological Survey, Landslide Preventive Investigation, Soil Contamination Testing, Hydrological Survey, Reconnaissance of Ground Soil Surface, Physical Inspection and Well Logging In-situ Measurement and Testing of Borehole and Soil and Rock Testing.

Boring Survey

For constructing a dam, tunnel, underground utilities installation or a highway in a mountainous region, an accurate geological survey becomes a requirement is of utmost importance. Constructions on flat plane regions are no exception in this matter as investigation of the subsoil stratification is another requirement in the pre-construction procedure. To diagnose the soil characteristics in regards of building a future sustainable accommodation, a boring survey is of crucial necessity. During the time when ARCGEO Inc. was once known as Chubu Nihon Kogyo Inc., our company acquired its abundant knowledge and its highly regarded reputation.

Soil Exploration Boring Survey

The locations of loose and weak foundations found in open plane area are most commonly consisted from clay or/and sand. In these situations, the soil is commonly submerged in to subterranean water, and is relatively weak. Preliminary investigation such as this provides vital and accurate information in order to calculate threshold limit of the foundation for constructing installations. Subsidence of clayey formation and soil liquefaction of sandy formation can be predictive and preventive by conducting these preliminary investigations.

Soil Sampling

In general, it is known to be extremely difficult to acquire completely undisturbed soil samples. There are various procedures of acquiring reliable soil samples, which withhold physical attributes of the soil stratification. These samples provide information that allows identification of soil stratification.

Bedrock Boring

The bedrock is one of the most solid soil stratifications. However, from a rather larger perspective of time and scale, it is also an object material that will contract, causing a phenomenon known as Creep. In general, older bedrock layers are considered to be more stabilized and rigid. However in some cases where the soil surface is weathered, the bedrock may become relatively frail. Even a single plated rock formation may crack and lead to a landslide. 
Bedrock Boring will provide information, which insures the security and safety for constructing installations, and moreover increase the safety and productivity of the project.

Geophysical Inspection, Geophysical Measurement and Testing

There are various types of surveys in investigating the horizontal and vertical distribution of soil formation or in inspecting the inclination of key strata and to determine subsurface structures. ARCGEO Inc. provides the most relevant survey methods to gain broad perspective information at low cost. Our services include: elastic wave prospecting which seismic waves to detect subsurface structure, subsurface electromagnetic pulse radars, 1 meter geothermal exploration, micro tremor meter which utilizes vibration waves, surface wave prospecting (Rayleigh wave detection), electric detection and geotomography (elastic wave tomography, resistive tomography). As the highest grade of boring investigations is known as "Close Investigations", reconnaissance surveys are referred to as "Explorations", and the development of inspection technology has also proved its credibility and earned prospects at various scenes.

Borehole Observation and Examination

There are various ways to examine the soils by utilizing the borehole for additional capacity testing, depending on what type of material the subject is. Such tests could be, standard penetration tests to examine the compaction of strata, intra-hole horizontal load tests, acoustic velocity logging tests to investigate the elastic wave velocity in a vertical direction.

Measuring and test at the ground

This simple measurement and test methods enable to understand condition of the ground without boring. These methods determine strength of the ground, deformation volume and bearing capacity; test methods may vary depending on the research objects.

Laboratory test

We calculate the physical and dynamic properties of the soil by determining its water ratio of soil particles, soil weight per 1 cm3, compression strength by various tests to design its use for architectural structure.

About ARCGEO ] Our Activities ] [ Geological Survey ] Cultural Property Research ] Cultural Resource Protection Measures ]

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