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Cultural Resource Protection Measures

ARCGEO Inc. helps transforming the excavated features and old tombs into Historical Displays and provide other services as cultural resource protection measures.

The Exertion and Development Plan of Cultural Property

Throughout the years, a vast amount of research has been conducted to the significant discoveries excavated within the nation. Still additional research is not the only solution for cultural protection approaches. ARCGEO Inc. suggests and provides the services regarding post research preservation and development, which may lead to local heritage improvements. 
ARCGEO Inc. has conducted a research regarding the utilization and display method in protected cultural assets found nation wide. Taking advantage of the acquired knowledge and information, ARCGEO Inc. will provide the most accurate suggestions in historical property protection plans, which will profit the cultural and spiritual aspects of local communities.

Maintenance case with mountain castle

Publication and Report Production Support 

ARCGEO Inc. will support converting previous hard copy report into digital media such as, 
- The Internet
- Digital Archives
- Digital Data Transaction
- Sophisticated Data Search System

Digitalized CD-R report

About ARCGEO ] Our Activities ] Geological Survey ] Cultural Property Research ] [ Cultural Resource Protection Measures ]


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