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ISO9001 JUSE-RA-182


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ARCGEO Inc. currently provides services in "Environmental and Geotechnical Engineering", "Landslide Prevention Work", "Archaeological and Cultural Resource Project", "Civil Engineering Consultant", "Geological Survey", "Cultural Resource Survey", "Civil Engineering Design", "Land Survey" and "Ground Improvement Works".

Company Name

ARCGEO Inc.               Former Company Name: Chubu Nihon Kogyo Inc



Haruaki TSUSHIMA, President and CEO           ISO9001:2008 JUSE-RE-182


           6 more members

Main Office

581 Nishitoheizo, Takaoka-shi, Toyama, 933-0824, JAPAN


TEL: +81-766-63-8850   FAX: +81-766-63-8851

Head Office

1-4-43 Shinneduka, Toyama-shi, Toyama, 939-8205


TEL: +81-76-422-8850   FAX: +81-76-422-8853


Accounting Division

TEL: +81-766-63-8850   FAX: +81-766-63-8851


Sales Division

TEL: +81-766-63-8853   FAX: +81-766-63-8851 , TEL: +81-76-422-8850   FAX: +81-76-422-8853


V3DP Division

TEL: +81-76-422-8856   FAX: +81-76-422-8858


Cultural Assets Division

TEL: +81-766-63-7705   FAX: +81-766-63-7706 , TEL: +81-76-422-8856   FAX: +81-76-422-8858


Foundation Design Division

TEL: +81-766-63-8856   FAX: +81-766-63-7706 , TEL: +81-76-422-8856   FAX: +81-76-422-8858


Site Management Division

TEL: +81-766-63-8852   FAX: +81-766-63-7706 , TEL: +81-76-422-8856   FAX: +81-76-422-8858

Branch Office

Mariana Division Office:

P.O. Box 5242, Saipan, MP 96950



TEL: +1-670-233-8850   FAX: +1-670-233-8860


Pacific Division Office:

3-17-2-1F Maehara, Giniwan-shi, Okinawa, 901-2215



TEL: +81-98-890-7717   FAX: +81-98-890-7719


Kyushu Office:

2-1-1 Kawakubo, Onojo-shi, Fukuoka, 816-0905



TEL: +81-92-558-9590   FAX: +81-92-558-9587


Oita Office:

3-8-28-V103, Shimogourichuo, Oita-shi, Oita, 870-0954



TEL: +81-97-573-6570   FAX: +81-97-573-6577


Kumamoto Office:

6-9-8 Oe, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto, 862-0971



TEL: +81-96-276-6710   FAX: +81-96-276-6711


Nakanihon Division Office:

1-2701 Omori, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 463-0021



TEL: +81-52-799-8751   FAX: +81-52-799-8752


Hida Office:

36 Kamiichinomachi, Takayama-shi, Gifu, 506-0844



TEL: +81-577-36-7307   FAX: +81-577-36-7308


Mie Office:

498 Fujiwaracho Yamaguchi, Inabe-shi, Mie, 511-0524



TEL: +81-594-46-9370   FAX: +81-594-46-9371


Fukui Office:

5-19-12 Ichihime, Awara-shi, Fukui, 919-0621



TEL: +81-776-73-5280   FAX: +81-776-73-5281


Tokyo Office:

4-44-3-5F Kouenjiminami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 166-0003



TEL: +81-3-6304-9818   FAX: +81-3-6304-9782


Tohoku Office:

2-2-2 Takasago, Miyagino-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi, 983-0014



TEL: +81-22-357-0437   FAX: +81-22-357-0438


Fukushima Office:

126 Aza Otsubo Yamagamimae, Souma-shi, Fukushima, 976-0007



TEL: +81-244-32-1061   FAX: +81-244-32-1062

Capital Amount

80 million yen



Civil Engineering Consultant

Soil Attributes, Soil Structure, Foundation


Steel Structure, Concrete



Engineering Geology (Road, Dam, Tunnel, Foundation, etc.)



Civil Engineering DesignRoad, Water and Sewerage



Landslide Prevention Measures: Landslide/Slope Disaster Prevention, Landslide Hazard, 3D Simulation Landslide/Collapse, Disaster Information System Establishment







Cultural Resource Protection Measures: Archaeological Site/Buried Cultural Properties, Exhibition Planning





Soil Contamination Countermeasures: Restoration of Contaminated Soil Environment




Geological/Geotechnical Survey

Geological Survey, Landslide Research


Soil Contamination Research, Hydrologic Research, Geological Reconnaissance





Boring Survey, Geophysical Survey and Well Logging, Measuring and In-site Examination of Borehole





Laboratory Testing of Soil and Rock Attributes


Cultural Resource Survey

Archaeological Excavation Survey and Survey Support


Measurement and Recordation of Archaeological Features and Remains



Radioactive Carbon Dating (AMS, β-ray)



Data Processing and Digitalization of Cultural Resource Information


Land Survey

General and Survey, Archaeological Site Survey, Aerial Photogrammetry



Three Dimensional Laser Measurement, 3D Photo Measuring


Ground Improvement Works

Landslide Prevention, Slope Maintenance: Infiltration Well, Water Discharge Boring, Steel Pipe Pile, Anchor, Slope Protection




Water Resource and Hot Spring Development: Well Drilling, Hot Spring Boring





Foundation Improvement: Grout



Environmental Remediation: Bioremediation



Excavation Supervision: Civil Engineering Package


Virtual 3D content production

Museum, historical and folk museum, virtual 3D content creation of libraries, etc.


Geological Survey Business

Geological 26 No. 993



Oct. 17, 2014 registration renewal


Civil Engineering Consultant

Construction 25 No. 6384



Dec. 2, 2013 registration renewal ( Soil Mechanics & Foundation )



Dec. 2, 2013 registration renewal ( Geology )



May. 22, 2015 registration additional renewal ( Materials & Structures )



Jul. 12, 2016 registration additional renewal ( River, Coastal & Ocean Engineering )


Survey Business

No. (4)-27423



Apr. 2, 2016 registration renewal:

Designation and Approval

Soil Contamination Level Research    2003-1-707  Date of designation renewal: Apr. 1, 2015


 Civil Engineering



Approved by the Minister of Land: (Specific-28) No. 26475, on Dec. 13, 2016



Scaffolding, Subgrade Construction, Concreting



Approved by the Minister of Land: (Specific-28) No. 26475, on Dec. 13, 2016



Slope Treatment



Approved by the Minister of Land: (Specific-28) No. 26475, on Dec. 13, 2016



Well Drilling



Approved by the Minister of Land: (Generalific-28) No. 26475, on Dec. 13, 2016


April 2016   JPY 1,159,730,132



April 2017   JPY 1,254,905,900



April 2018   JPY 1,327,008,202



Aug. 1953   Chubu Nihon Kogyo inaugurated in Togiyamachi, Takaoka-shi, Toyama


Oct. 1960   Established.  Capital amount: JPY 1 million


May 1965   Capital increased to 2 million yen.


Jan. 1975   Capital increased to 3 million yen.


Sep. 1977   Capital increased to 5 million yen.


Oct. 1989   Equipment Center established in Nishitoheizo, Takaoka-shi, Toyama.


Dec. 1991   Capital increased to 10 million yen.


Nov. 1995   Capital increased to 20 million yen.


Feb. 1997   Capital increased to 30 million yen.


Jul. 1997   Toyama office established.



Apr. 1998   Buried cultural property research department established.


Nov. 1998   Launched companys website.


Jun. 1999   ISO9007 Certification acquired.


Apr. 2000   Consultant department established.


Mar. 2001   Capital increased to 40 million yen.


Mar. 2001   Head office relocated to Nishitoheizo, Takaoka-shi


Apr. 2001   Okinawa office established. (Currently, Pacific Division Office)


Dec. 2001   Plan of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Support Act approval acquired.


Mar. 2003   Capital increased to 50 million yen.


Apr. 2003   Soil contamination countermeasures department established


Apr. 2003   Fiscal term changed.



Aug. 2003   50th Anniversary



Jan. 2004   Hida office established.



Apr. 2004   Capital contribution to Lanzhou Fusang Environmental Technology Inc.


Oct. 2004   Fukui office established.



Apr. 2006   Company name changed to ARCGEO Inc.


Nov. 2006   Tokyo office established.



May 2008   Fukuoka office established , reorganized now to Kyushu office


Dec. 2008   Eco-Action 21 registered.


Apr. 2009   Tokai office established , reorganized now to Nakanihon Division Office


Dec. 2009 Mariana Division Office established in CNMI Saipan


Feb. 2011  Mie office established in Inabe-shi, Mie.


Feb. 2011  Oita office established in Oita-shi, Oita.


Sep. 2012  Pacific Division Office established in Ginowan-shi, Okinawa.


Apr. 2013  60th Anniversary



Aug. 2013  Kumamoto office established in Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto.


Dec. 2014   FY2013 correction, Issue certification "subsidy in accordance with the manufacturing, commercial and service innovation business"


Mar. 2015   Capital increased to 80 million yen.


Oct. 2015  Tohoku office established in Sendai-shi, Miyagi.


Dec. 2015   FY2014 correction, Issue certification "subsidy in accordance with the manufacturing, commercial and service innovation business"


Dec. 2016   Fukushima office established in Souma-shi, Fukushima.


Apr. 2017   Toyama Head office established in Toyama-shi, Toyama.

Correspondent Financial Institutions

Toyama Bank head office,


Hokuriku Bank Takaoka branch office,


Okinawa Bank Sakata branch office,



Bank of Hawaii Pueto Rico Branch,



First Hawaiian Bank Gualo Rai Branch, etc.


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