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Haruaki TSUSHIMA, President and CEO


Mission Statement of ARCGEO Inc.

          On the day of April 1, 2006, CNK Geotechnical Institute Inc., which lasted about 53 years established on August 1, 1953, changed its name to ARCGEO Inc. Here, ARCGEO Inc. declares to pursue its mission and vision bearing a will of former company. 
          We, ARCGEO Inc., consider 4.6 billion years of Earth history from geological, archaeological and engineering points of view extensively and variously. We strive to be an innovative company that contributes to the development of our communities. 
          We meet the needs of communities, promise to continuously provide the highest level of services on technology, quality and speed with the lowest price, aim to create safe, healthy, harmonious and inclusive communities and promote business activities prioritizing discipline and ethics (above all). 
          We, as a civil engineering consultant company, engage in landslide prevention measures, cultural resource protection measures and soil contamination countermeasures based on geological survey, cultural resource survey, land survey and ground improvement works while being well informed of "soil and rock". 
          We contribute to the development of its local society by providing a collection of geological information by comprehensively analyzing "soil and rock", using an integrated research and construction system. Here, we declare to strive to go forward to make dramatic progress and contribute to the society. 

Mariana Division 

P.O. Box 5242, Saipan, MP 96950


TEL: +1-670-233-8850

FAX: +1-670-233-8860

Main Office

581 Nishitoheizo, Takaoka-shi, Toyama, 933-0824, JAPAN


TEL: +81-766-63-8850

FAX: +81-766-63-8851
Head Office 1-4-43 Shinneduka, Toyama-shi, Toyama, 939-8205, JAPAN

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    Account Division

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Sales Division

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FAX: +81-76-422-8853
V3DP Division

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FAX: +81-76-422-8858
Cultural Assets Division

TEL: +81-766-63-7705
TEL: +81-76-422-8856

FAX: +81-766-63-7706
FAX: +81-76-422-8858
Foundation Design Division

TEL: +81-766-63-8856
TEL: +81-76-422-8856

FAX: +81-766-63-7706
FAX: +81-76-422-8858
Survey Design Division

TEL: +81-766-63-8852
TEL: +81-76-422-8856

FAX: +81-766-63-7706
FAX: +81-76-422-8858
Safety and Quality Control Division

TEL: +81-766-63-8852
TEL: +81-76-422-8856

FAX: +81-766-63-7706
FAX: +81-76-422-8858

Pacific Division 

3-17-2-1F Maehara, Giniwan-shi, Okinawa, 901-2215, JAPAN


TEL: +81-98-890-7717

FAX: +81-98-890-7719

Kyushu Office

2-1-1 Kawakubo, Onojo-shi, Fukuoka, 816-0905, JAPAN

TEL: +81-92-558-9590

FAX: +81-92-558-9587

Oita Office

3-8-28-V103, Shimogourichuo, Oita-shi, Oita, 870-0954, JAPAN

TEL: +81-97-573-6570

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Kumamoto Office

6-9-8 Oe, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto, 862-0971, JAPAN

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1-2701 Omori, Moriyama-ku, nagoya-shi, Aichi, 463-0021, JAPAN

Division Office

TEL: +81-52-799-8751

FAX: +81-52-799-8752

Hida Office

36 Kami'ichinomachi, Takayama-shi, Gifu, 506-0844, JAPAN

TEL: +81-577-36-7307

FAX: +81-577-36-7308

Mie Office

498 Fujiwaracho Yamaguchi, Inabe-shi, Mie, 511-0524, JAPAN

TEL: +81-594-46-9370

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Fukui Office

5-19-12 Ichihime, Awara-shi, Fukui, 919-0621, JAPAN

TEL: +81-776-73-5280

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Tokyo Office

4-44-3-5F Kouenjiminami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 166-0003, JAPAN

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FAX: +81-3-6304-9782

Tohoku Office

2-2-2 Takasago, Miyagino-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi, 983-0014, JAPAN

TEL: +81-22-357-0437

FAX: +81-22-357-0428

Fukushima Office

126 Aza Otsubo Yamagamimae, Souma-shi, Fukushima, 976-0007, JAPAN

TEL: +81-244-32-1061

FAX: +81-244-32-1062


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